Temple & Æther

At the root of all that exists is energy. Our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and bodies. Right down to the atoms in our cells. It's all energy in movement! 


As a psychic and healer, I can help you discover your truth and what you're working on in this lifetime. I work with spirit and my sixth chakra to read energy from neutrality - without judgment, personal opinion, or advice. I read while in meditation and communicate the energy I see, sense, or know. What I read is for your interpretation. As a being, you are capable of having your own answers that work for you, so I don't give answers but a clear sight of the energy in your space. You have free will, and the energy can change, nothing is set in stone, which means I do not read the future. I can read next steps for your growth, and you can choose how to apply that to your life. When giving a healing, I use specific healing energy that helps stagnant or blocked energy (that is ready to) move or clear to bring energy back into alignment. Please see the Heal page for the different types of readings and healings that I offer! If you have any other questions about what I do please feel free to reach out at Hello@templeandaether.com

Rachel Trujillo


I always knew I wanted to be a healer, but it has evolved into the most unexpected life. As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a doctor, and it was with a clear desire to help and heal others. I never became a doctor, but my journey of becoming a psychic healer started in my early twenties when I became very ill with Lyme disease. After endless doctor visits with no feeling of hope or relief, I felt that I was on my own. I did trial and error with a strict diet, supplements, and herbs. I did endless research on my own about the body, emotional health, and how it was all connected. All of these things helped heal for a few years before I hit a plateau. The desire to truly improve and understand my body led me to years of diving deeper until I finally landed myself unexpectedly working energy psychically. Not only am I finding my truth, self-love, and radical healing, but I have found the work that I love and allows me to help others in more significant ways than I ever thought possible.