Temple & Æther


In passionate pursuit of understanding, growth, and truth, I find great joy in helping others discover their own. I believe in the miracle of a hello and being seen. As a psychic and healer I hold space for you to heal and dig a little deeper into your unique spirit and truth. 

As a Psychic, I say "hello" to you, the spirit of you, and that unique core energy of you. I aim to see the truth in where you're working and how you can take a next step in where you are stuck, confused, and can't seem to break a pattern. I can read anything you are curious about - health, relationships, work/business to past lives, and akashic records.

As a Healer, I can help you move stuck/stagnant energy in your aura, energy systems, and body that hinders your natural flow state. I can heal what shows up as ready or offer specific healing to specific parts of your being, such as; Women's healing, a healing to your female space - Astral body healing, healing to your sleep space, and the energy part of you that goes out to dream.

I also offer Medium readings, where I can connect with a friend, family member, loved one, or even a pet who has passed.

I read energy clairvoyantly through pictures and use my abilities to sense, see, and know. I work from a neutral space without judgment or dogma.

I'm currently available for readings and healings online-only, over Zoom.



Rachel Trujillo


 I always knew I wanted to be a healer, but it has evolved into the most unexpected life. As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a doctor, and it was with a clear desire to help and heal others. Looking back, I can now see that I was sensitive. I had clairvoyant thoughts and experiences, but I wasn't conscious to what was really going on. I didn't know what a psychic was, and I didn't know that being sensitive and a healer meant I was taking on everyone's energy around me in an attempt to heal them. I became overwhelmed. I ended up struggling with mental and physical illness. At the beginning of my twenties, I became diseased and unable to take care of myself for a few years. This is where I started a deep dive into my physical, mental and spiritual health. I wanted to understand what was happening and why. A journey over ten years and at the end of my rope led me to my first experience with a psychic, where I got the biggest hello of my life. I felt seen for the first time. I felt a significant connection and a strong pull to understand psychic energy and how I could help others in the way I felt profoundly helped by this one session. I signed up for psychic school within the year and haven't stopped since. I've gone through several trainings and continue to train in the art of clairvoyance and clairsentience. I have found the work that I love and allows me to help and heal others in more significant ways than I ever thought possible.