Readings & Healings

60 Min Psychic Reading - $90

90 Min Reading & Healing - $135

-Receive a 60 min reading and 30 min healing.

30 Min Healing - $50

Special readings & healings


60 Min Past life reading - $90

60 Min Akashic record reading - $95

60 Min Mediumship Reading - $95

-Connect with a loved one, friend, or pet who has passed. 

60 Min Pet reading & healing - $95

-Your pets handle energy as well and can't always communicate what they're feeling and experiencing. I can help them communicate what they are wanting to say.

60 Min Astral Body Healing - $95

-Astral body healings heal the energetic part of you that goes out to create your dreams. This healing can even help get better sleep. 

30 Min Women’s Healing - $60

-This healing focuses on healing the energetic space of a women.


All readings and healing are currently done online in Zoom. 

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I look forward to working with you!